8 Ways to hack your study habit immediately

How to pass IJMB-2021

Your exam is approaching at fast speed and you seriously need to level up your study habit? We’ve been through the same. Good study habits are tricky to get.

No worry they are ways to get you over this mine-land we call “exam week”. Let’s follow the guide and learn our best tips to level-up your study skills. Those good study habits are not so far anymore !!

1. Forgetting is not a good study habit

You keep learning and feel like you keep forgetting? Well, not super potion here. Read again and again the previous lesson, that’s the right study habit. Maybe 1000 times if needed.

One reading a day, keep the failure at the exam away. That’s one of our favorite good study habits!

If you feel like you need to work harder on this point. Check this article.

2. Anytime is the best time to study

As long as you feel energized and focused. Any time is the right time to study. Yeah, even the night. some people are natural night owls. As long as you follow a clear pattern of study habits.

looks cozy right?

3. Can I study in bed? 

Yes, you can. Studying for hours can be torture so better making is as pleasant as possible. Whatever feels good will help to build good study habits.

Not feeling 100% sure about this tip? Well, it is all how you feel about it but feel free to drop your idea below this post.

4. Make your study habit..  fun !! 

Well, you can drink during your study or talk with a friend at the same time. But that will probably not be a good study habit. But it would be fun for sure.

Another more serious way to make your study habit fun ( yes we put serious and fun in the same phrase and we assume it) is to make memory games in a group. Question each other about the point of your study as a group game. And promised it would be fun! In ten years you will still talk about it! These are hips good study habits which can also be fun.

fun fun fun !!

5. Should I study for 8 hours a day?

Well.. depends on your goal and speed you are into. Of course, working 8 hours a day will give faster results than 1 hour a day. Simple math it will take you eight days to cover one full day ( simple math 1*8 = 8 hey, hey we are amazing in math!!!). But if you need just a bit every day.. why not? Some prefer one hour a day for a month and others 12 hours a day for three days. Pick your favorite good study habits, change them if needed some time!

6. Copy smart student habits

Time to focus on good study habits of others! Better being modest and to admit it right away. Go to meet some of the best students in your promotion and ask them right away ho they do to be so good. Some might tell you to go f*ck *ff but if you are persistent, some might answer and give your precious advice.

7. Memorize faster

This is a game-changing study habit. Work on your memory every day. how so? Learn the list.. by heart. sorry to say but they are no other choices… memory is like a muscle.. it needs to train. and like your biceps, it can work by itself… you need to give it time and effort. Sorry to say so… memory training is good to study habits!

8. Studying at 4 am is a good habit for student

If you are one of those who get distracted very easily. We recommend you to study at 4 am. What? Yeah because at 4 am everybody sleeps. so your mum or your uncle might not disturb you with all at 4 am. unless you got fun, Mum. wake up very early, got to sleep very early, study all day… turn into a monk for a few months and you should get through it. Here are all the fav good study habits we can tell you about!!


Try to do a little recap of what you have seen in class every day. It will take up to one or two hours but it will be really helpful. This is our favorite in our good study habits!

Let’s recap.

Well to be best the real way for good study habits is.. love. Simply loving and get interested in what you are learning. If you hate your studies, then you might also hate the job that comes with it. If you find yourself unable to focus on your study then maybe question yourself and think if you are on the right path. Happiness passes through work and being curious about what you are learning is a daily blessing you should not miss 🙂

Out of it, we should encourage you to learn the way you prefer. It is important to not link study = to pain in your brain. Or you could spend your all day trying to learn, your brain. will never print anything.

In case you have any comments or other good study habits to share with us, don’t forget to write them down in this article. We can’t wait to read from you !!