How to pass IJMB-2021

How To Pass IJMB Exam-2021: Embarrass 16Points by Killing It

March 29, 2021 8 Comments

How To Pass IJMB Exam:

This method will help you thoroughly to fix the nooks and cranny in your educational life and mend broken bridges. It will not only teach you How to Pass IJMB exam but much more. Students who practice this score 16 Points and nothing less.

here is the method which is proven and tested by Thousands of students Nationwide 🙂

How to Pass IJMB exam -2021
IJMB 2021 (Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination)

Let me quickly begin with when I registered for IJMB years ago at the Ilorin study center! I left my house in Lagos for this IJMB program as admission into the university has been a burden to aspirants these days. days.

You can also read our guideline on IJMB Form:  How to Gain 200Level Admission Immediately

After writing JAMB for several years with good results like 245, 230, 246 consecutively and applying for an engineering course like Petroleum engineer in Unilag and passing their post utme with aggregate scores that are more than 50% every year.

Yes, the scores are not too high but I will advise you not to jump into judgment as these scores years back are equivalent to almost your 280 and 300 these days. I am sure some people will come for my head. lol


Well, what will I say probably because I am not from their catchment area as all those shouldn’t be a problem especially in Nigerian Federal Universities, but before I deviate from the main reason for this article let’s face the problems, one at a time?

Here are the important questions IJMB students frequently ask.

  • What is the IJMB exam?
  • Does IJMB expire?
  • Is IJMB real or fake?
  • Is Jupeb better than IJMB?
  • How long does IJMB last?
  • Is IJMB form still on sale?
  • Is IJMB form out for 2021?
  • Is IJMB form closed for 2020?
  • Is IJMB exam difficult?
  • Does Unilag accept IJMB?
  • What are the requirements for IJMB?
  • What is the difference between JUPEB and IJMB?
  • How much does IJMB cost?
  • How are IJMB points calculated?
  • Is IJMB form still available?  

What is IJMB exam?

IJMB is the acronym for Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination, it is a nine-month advanced level program, established by the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria for candidates who have been seeking admission for long and are unable, to gain admission into 200Level in any university and course of their choice. It is a federal government approved program, and it is certified by Nigeria University Commission (NUC). Read more…

Does IJMB expire?

IJMB does not expire immediately after the year it is written, it takes up to 7years before IJMB can expire and can be used to apply for admission any year within the period of 7years and gain admission into any university and course of one’s choice.

Is IJMB real or fake?

IJMB is real, it is approved by the federal government of Nigeria and also certified by the Nigeria University Commission (NUC).  CHECK PAGE 4 OF JAMB BROCHURE, ITEM 2.2(2) TO CONFIRM IJMB AS A REQUIREMENT FOR UNIVERSITY EDUCATION ALSO CONFIRM IN PAGE 2(ENTRY BY DIRECT APPLICATION(DE) SECTION 1.0.05).

Is JUPEB better than IJMB?

The JUPEB exam is the same Advanced Level program as IJMB but to point you in the right direction when placed in a critical position, to pick one, the institution you want to apply would determine that.

How long does IJMB result last?

IJMB lasts for 9months. It is a nine-month program with full classes. 

Is IJMB form still on sale?

Yes, the IJMB form is still on sale and is closing soon for the session. Interested candidates are advised to apply fast so as to prepare for the examination.

Is IJMB form out for 2021?

Yes, IJMB form for 2021 is out and registration is still going on. 

Is IJMB form closed for 2020?

Yes, IJMB form for 2020 is closed, and registration cannot be done by anyone again, don’t be deceived, and scammed. Register for the next session. 

Is IJMB exam difficult?

IJMB exam is as difficult as WAEC, NECO, JAMB, GCE, and other normal examinations. It is very easy to pass.

Does Unilag accept IJMB?

No, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) does not accept IJMB. They prefer JUPEB to IJMB.

What are the requirements for IJMB?

The requirements for IJMB includes the following, 

  •  Five O’Level credit passes as contained in JAMB Brochure (Maximum of 2 sittings)
  • Awaiting results can also apply.
  • Fifteen Passport (Red Background Photographs)
  • Birth Certificate

What is the difference between IJMB and JUPEB?

There is no difference between IJMB and JUPEB, it just depends on the institution you want to go to. The two programs are advanced-level program used for the same purpose.

How much does IJMB cost?

How are IJMB points calculated?

The whole point for IJMB is 16. Grades from  A to E are considered to pass grades while grade ‘F’ is a fail grade. The total grade point for a candidate is the sum total of the three A-level subjects offered, and each Subject offered carries 5points. Candidates are entitled to a bonus of one point if they pass all the three A-level subjects without an ‘F’ fail grade.

Mark Range Letter Grade
Grade Points Interpretation



70 – Above A 5 points, Excellent
60 – 69 B 4 points, Very Good
50 –59 C 3 points, Good
45 – 49 D 2 points, Merit
40 – 44 E 1 point, Pass
0 – 39 F 0 point, Fail

Is IJMB form still available?

Yes, IJMB form is still available and registration is going on at the moment.

Now back to ” How to Pass IJMB exam ” When I started my own IJMB program, I was an average student. Being the best in your secondary school education does not guarantee you being the best in IJMB too.

But it gives you a good head start as most of the things treated in IJMB classes have already been taught in your secondary school. So this is a more advanced approach you will have to give it more attention. This is my first tip on how to pass IJMB exam

More attention  = more class hours, more reading hours, more reading brain capacity, more books and jotters to study and more focus, and many more than what you did in secondary school. You must DOUBLE YOUR EFFORT to utilize everything. That my second tip on how to pass IJMB Exam-2021.

I will be taking my time to say more practical things today on how to Pass IJMB Exam as I am not going to be listing anything here just like motivational speakers do. No! Today you will not read a step by step approach on How To Pass IJMB Exam here. We are talking about a method and I believe this method will help you to be more pragmatic.

I will have the words come directly from my heart because this is what I passed through, even at some point I must confess that I asked myself this same question. “How To Pass IJMB Exam?” and no one answered or guided me right. Therefore I will not want you to make the same mistake I made that landed me an 11 Points total aggregate score.

Oh! did I just mention my IJMB score? Yes, I made 11 points as a science student with B- in Physics, B- in Chemistry, and C- in Mathematics. And Yes, it wasn’t easy at all.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t score more than what I scored as I have also had students over the years that made 16 Points, 15 Points, and so on. Because when they asked this same question How To Pass IJMB Exam I was there to lead them right.

Let’s take a brief walk into the future of this article by saying I currently work with an American company on Digital marketing and also the Director of an IJMB center with branches in the major states in Nigeria. Ilorin which is our headquarter, Lagos: Outside the University of Lagos and Abuja after graduating with a Bsc and B.ed in Computer Science, from the University of Ilorin.

Yes, I gained admission with IJMB straight into 200level without JAMB. After JAMB failed me I got tired and swore never to write it again that year I did not write JAMB but enrolled for the IJMB program and YES! it worked for me so if it worked for me it will surely work for you.

Don’t join those that ask questions like: Is IJMB exam difficult? What I say to them is life itself is difficult else I won’t have to write JAMB for 8 years.

And I also ask them that if entering into the University of your choice with your most preferred course with JAMB is not difficult then why are you looking for an alternative like A’Level IJMB or JUPEB?  why?

Let’s learn to face any challenge that life brings to us at all times and embrace it with all sincerity and attitude of victory as How To Pass IJMB Exam is another simple challenge here.

You must be sure of what you want in life before enrolling for the IJMB program as you have to be extraordinary as a person to pass this exam. Find a motivation that will keep you going and studying hard every day.

Just like I did back then I had to use impressing my mom as the motivational tool and anytime I remember her efforts to get me to do the IJMB program I come alive no matter how tired I was before.

Use your parents or friends that have gone ahead of you as motivation so whenever you remember this situation you are New to face the task ahead.

Don’t forget that no matter how rich your parents are it wasn’t easy for them to pay the fees or probably they are still disappointed at you for not gaining admission through JAMB just like other of your friends or even your siblings. so Think.

I also must state that you must have a reading timetable and it must be given utmost priority without wavering because this journey of How To Pass IJMB Exam is a  sine qua non, Irresistible is the word, hang on to it just like a bulldog will do to a bone.

During my time I always read from 12 am to 5,6 or 7 am most times depending on how tired I was before the day as reading without grasping anything is just effortless and deceptive.

So you should check the time that is best for you and fix your reading timetable and I will also advise you consider your lecture hours first as students in my center won’t have any time during the day to read as they will always be in the class from 7:45 am to 6 pm with just 1-hour break in-between so night time will be the best for them.

Be Painstaking as I will not advise you to miss lectures because you want to read, this is part of the mistakes most IJMB students make by substituting one for the other.

Yes! there is always a place for balance, Please get that balance because the lecture is as important as the time you spend reading or worrying on How To Pass IJMB Exam.

Don’t do over Sabi(i too know) it kills faster than a bullet, attend classes and ask questions from your teachers let them know you as part of the brilliant students in the center as that will also give you a head-on during the exam.

If there is going to be any assistance rendered I personally make sure it begins with the most brilliant student of our center first before others, Be smart, Be wise your director might agree with me on this.

Another thing I did that also helped me worry less on How To Pass IJMB Exam was that I created room for others to join me in reading at first it was just me, Later another guy then others heard about it and joined before I knew it we were more than 10 most times and we would read and read all night and still attend lectures the following morning.

We were helpmates to each other as we would go to the rooms of some that slept off or call some on the phone that we did not see by past 12 am and finally I named the team SOLUTIONIGHT and created a WhatsApp forum.

Where we discussed more important issues and also planned on feeding most times as some people can’t stay up all night without eating or even chewing gum, Yes we contributed money and made all those available even Nescafe and coffee. You should adopt this method too it works like magic.

If the financial load will be much then don’t even start or mention the refreshment just focus on the reading hour and getting people together to read with you and have a particular number of people you can accommodate like 10 at most else the purpose of reading might be unfruitful.

Also, I must add this most interesting part on How To Pass IJMB Exam that the IJMB center you registered with matters a lot too!

Be Warned!!!

How to Pass IJMB exam -2021

Not every center or director care about your success some just want to use your money to buy luxury for themselves and their family, they don’t really care if you fail or pass as that doesn’t affect their income as more students will still foolishly keep going to such centers no matter how hard you try to advise them not to.

I won’t go further on this as I am not planning on spoiling anyone’s business my main aim here is to help you get it right and that is what I will do.

If you want to register for IJMB or JUPEB I will advise you to contact this number 08096626289,  WHATSAPP ME DIRECTLY, or REGISTER.

Now back to How To Pass IJMB Exam: During exam period I get calls and messages from hundreds, and thousands of students that have made this same mistake of registering with other centers begging me to help them with how to Pass IJMB Exam, all I say to them is to go and meet their directors because it is too late, please don’t end up in such mess and don’t contact me after you do.


Now still on How To Pass IJMB Exam-2021 our Team went further to interview some other ex IJMB students that came out with outstanding results in IJMB for several years and different centers.

An interview with a particular person Faith Israel by name: Can you please tell us How to pass IJMB exam- 2021? How did you pass yours and came out with an outstanding result like 9 Points with subject combination Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics? Faith:

I read at night and gathered people that are way better than me academically most times to solve past questions with more time to revise after lectures. And yes I also asked people How To Pass IJMB Exam with no definite reply so thank God I can help someone reading this.

Over to “Esther Kens” 7 Points too was good because it gave me admission into 200 level with my desired course and YES! it wasn’t easy at all. What if you are asked How to pass IJMB exam-2021.

Esther: I did ask this same question How To Pass IJMB Exam in the past lol. Firstly I drafted out a timetable for my self from Monday to Saturday and after that.

I grouped the kind of friends I followed I practically chose the ones I could study together, Then shared topics among ourselves after which we will ask questions randomly on the topics we were given to read. And YES! night class was also compulsory. With a subject combination of Business Management, Accounting, and Economics.

To begin with, my name is Ime Daniel. When I was in secondary school, I heard a lot about A‘level programs but fear of passing and the cost is what discouraged me and made me want to take JAMB. Despite the fact that I have seen people fail JAMB more than 4 or 5 times, even my seniors in school back then will always come back to re-register.

I became afraid of JAMB itself even the most brilliant of us all failed JAMB woefully, who am I to just pass anyhow. Months later, I wrote JAMB and didn’t meet up because I had 227 with all my efforts.

I chose UNILAG for accounting course and many of us know quite well that UNILAG is a very competitive course so I waited another 1 year in regret that with the mindset that will I also write 4-5 times like my seniors?

So lucky for me, my friend that registered for the program that year came to me with testimony that he has passed and that he is waiting for the admission list.

I was so surprised that my mouth was open in amazement and another shocking thing was that he didn’t use Jamb at all, this was one thing I have always prayed for, not to write JAMB again not just for the fear of failing it but because of the competition that has to go through that channel every year.

To cut the long story short, I told my parents about the program and they were also afraid of scam all of that because I told them that I saw the link online and that I want to do it.

It took weeks for them to even reason with me, I started to chat them up via the WhatsApp link I got from the site, I was later told that the registration will end any time soon, I had to travel down to the city of Ilorin where their head office was. I actually chose the University of Ilorin to study the same Accounting and luckily for me also their head office was situated there in the name of Kadesh Solution Tutors.

I paid for the program that instant and began lectures the following day because I registered late, so far so good I collected material and read through.

We also had night classes of extensive reading, and experience that I can never imagine because I have never been so studious in my life before. Throughout the program, I never had the mentality of the expo and the likes because I was too loaded that I could solve virtually 80% of the past questions correctly.

A very great testimony I have to say is that I never had regrets for once, many people had fallen victim to scams and the like but my story was never like that. The result came out and I had 15 points out of 16 because of the passion and determination I had. What else can I advise you about how to pass IJMB exam?

Now I am proudly an Accounting student at the University of Ilorin 300Level. I would employ aspirants who are still battling with JAMB and admission to take a bold step in finding other options like this A‘level and I bet that they won’t regret if they register in the right hands.

So do we still need to ask you How to pass IJMB exam? Lol. No Thank You.

Then over to Fawaz that made 15 Points from our center. Can you please tell us How To Pass IJMB Exam?

You must be best friends with your books just as I didn’t have many friends even now in Unilorin I still don’t keep many friends and I learn to keep only the one’s that will add more knowledge to my life than take away the one that I am trying to build. So, in summary.

I spent more time with my books as that was what I believed I needed to do at that time of my life as I don’t like defeat in any sphere of my life which I believe no one does. Did you at any point ask yourself How To Pass IJMB Exam? No, I don’t think I did Thanks. {End of The Interview}

How to Pass IJMB exam -2021

Good Luck as you begin your A’level journey, REGISTER. OR WHATSAPP ME DIRECTLY.

Do you have any other ” How To Pass IJMB Exam ” tips? That has been most helpful for you in producing great results? Don’t hesitate to write them down here. It will be probably helpful for future students.

Is IJMB exam hard?

NO, IJMB is very simple. It’s very easy to pass, and also paper writing as your WAEC and others

Can i use my IJMB result to study pharmacy in Unilorin?

Yes, you can. You can use it to study any course

Is IJMB done only in Ilorin?

No, IJMB can be done in any states

Can I study Economics with 9points?

Yes, you can

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  1. Kingsley
    May 30, 2021

    Is UNN accepting ijmb

    • Solution Tutors
      August 8, 2021

      I think they prefer JUPEB instead of IJMB, the good news is we do both programs, IJMB and Jupeb.

  2. Habila Genesis
    July 30, 2021

    why do ijmb do not accept medicine at 200level ??

    • Solution Tutors
      August 8, 2021

      IJMB accepts Medicine and Surgery for 200Level, We also have students that have successfully applied and gotten admission even for Nursing Science, only a few universities don’t accept it for Medicine and Surgery so just change your university then you will be good to go. Goodluck

  3. Ann
    August 27, 2021

    I’m applying for ijmb but I’m scared
    I want to study microbiology in uniabj

    • Solution Tutors
      September 16, 2021

      There is absolutely no reason to be scared about this program no matter the course you want to study be it Medicine and Surgery, as long as you are doing it with us at KADESH we can only guarantee you success in all your endeavors and admission issue will be a thing of the best no matter the university you are applying for. Call/Whatsapp us for more 08096626289

  4. Onyinye lilian
    October 30, 2021

    1 List of universities that accept Ijmb
    2 the university that accepts nursing students with Ijmb results

    February 18, 2022

    Please How can I register for IJMBE ?
    For the program in UNIZIK

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