Things You Must Consider After Writing JAMB

After Writing JAMB 2022: Consider this Powerful and Guaranteed Solutions

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Everyone kept on asking me this same question. And now is the best time to let you know the Things You Must Consider After Writing JAMB 2022.

This is a must-read for you, if you have written jamb examination and are contemplating on the Things You Must Consider After Writing JAMB 2022 or after checking your UTME result.


What are the Things You Must Consider After Writing JAMB or checking your JAMB Result?

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) result for this year has been released online and most candidates have already checked their results. While many students are smiling home with high scores, others are mourning over their low performance. It is time for all to know the “Things You Must Consider After Writing JAMB”.

No matter your scores, you still have the option of securing admission to your school of choice without stress even if you registered for ijmb, you can also learn How to pass IJMB exam.

Things You Must Consider After Writing JAMB 2021

What Should You Consider After Writing JAMB?

As said earlier even though you scored below your school departmental cut off or didn’t meet up with the institution’s cut-off. Which is 180 or in some cases 200 and above in other to sit for the Post UTME, there’s still hope that you can secure admission into your school of choice. 🙂



Take note that the Post UTME Examination will be conducted in almost all Universities in Nigeria, so you still stand a chance of securing admission this year. Therefore your question shouldn’t be what are the “Things You Must Consider After Writing JAMB 2022”.


  • Your School Of Choice Departmental Cut Off Point

After writing your examination and checking your result, the most important step to do is to check out your school of choice (tertiary institution) cut off mark for the year.

One thing is certain when you know the JAMB cut off mark for your school, it will help you know if you are qualified for your school post UTME examination or not so that you can sort for other alternatives on time.

To check current departmental cut off mark for all schools in Nigeria plus periodic admission processing guides. Download My University Mobile App and stay close to your University or check for UNILAG.


  • JAMB Statistics for your School

Are you aware that JAMB releases all schools CBT Statistics, which include numbers of students looking for admission into your school of choice and department?

This knowledge will give you full information, about the numbers of students who chose your course in your institution of choice.
Take note that this information would rather boost your urge to read more and score high in your POST UTME examination! That’s our first good thing to know after writing JAMB.


  • Purchase Post UTME past Questions for your school of choice and Start Reading: Call /Whatsapp 08096626289, 09068985512

The second step after writing JAMB. After knowing your school cut off point, the next thing to do is to prepare for your post UTME examination, and you should buy your school POST UTME past questions and answers, study them and get prepared for your next challenge not just sitting there thinking about the “Things You Must Consider After Writing JAMB”. Take a step!

  • Change of Institution/Course For 2022

Considering the level of competition in your department and for your course, despite the fact that after writing JAMB you didn’t meet up with the cut-off mark, and you want to still pursue your academic life. Then we’ll advise you to consider obtaining a Change of Course/Institution form so as not to miss out on that opportunity or to risk one year staying at home.

>> good example: of what to do after Writing JAMB

For instance, after writing JAMB, you applied for Medicine/Surgery and you scored 254 in JAMB CBT which is not so good for Medicine. I advise you to do a change of institution/course and choose easier courses that will help you secure admissions, like Physiology or Anatomy. In which later on you can cross over to medicine and surgery if you have good grades, especially in schools like the University of Ilorin.

More so, even without that, you can register for an “A ‘level program” like IJMB, JUPEB, and the likes to secure straight admission. It’s just like a pre-degree program that takes you straight to 200level without JAMB. It is accepted in more than 80% of Nigerian universities.

With this, you stand no chance waiting at home any longer, as many opportunities await you this year.

We wrote another article about IJMB that you can check: TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IJMB.


( VERY important )

In this session, we will be discussing how to prepare to score very high in 2022 post UTME with our 6 worthy tips to passing POST UTME in 2022

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